5 Monsters 

Max Win Gaming welcomes you on a galactic journey of epic proportions!

5 Monsters is a uniquely blended recipe that emerged from the idea of creating something original that will standout and endure the test of time!

Very vibrant and dynamic slot game that captivates the attention with playful characters and colorful settings!

The inventive gameplay mixes several different features and promises much excitement and unexpected thrills!

Long ago in a galaxy far away there was a planet which was a home for the most unusual of species!

Unfortunately, there was a major cataclysm and only a few managed to escape their home planet on time!

5 distinct monster species were put in a hibernation sleep and left with a spaceship to find another suitable planet and populate it again!

Now they are floating in space and here comes your part in the story!

You need to generate enough energy for each one of the monsters, so they can wake up!

Each one of them will offer you not only great gratitude for waking him up, but also exponentially growing rewards to keep you satisfied for your travels.

Super action-packed collector bonus which progressively gets more and more rewarding with each unique monster that has been awaken!

We promise you a wild ride with great potential and lots of fun along the way!

Enjoy and Celebrate!

Game Type
Slot Game
Game Provider
Max Win Gaming
Reels x Rows
5 x 6
Payout Mechanic
7+ Identical Symbols Pay
Max Win
Stateful Game, MAXSYMBOLS™, Random Symbols, 5 Variants of Collector Bonus
Volatility & Hit Rate
5/5 & 5/5